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Green Building Analysis & Valuation

Sustainable property (or “green building”) analysis is most commonly associated with “green” building development, renovation and operation. Also called “high performance” buildings, these are buildings that consume fewer resources and provide a superior interior environment; they have greater efficiency in material utilization and resource consumption while promoting the use of sustainable materials and increasing occupant health. Some aspects of green buildings, most notably energy efficiency features, have long been incorporated in conventional buildings. Today, however, sustainable buildings are those that promote sustainable site features, conserve water and water run-off, conserve energy, do not degrade the atmosphere, use materials that are recyclable, provide excellent indoor environmental quality and innovate in their approaches to addressing these goals. As green buildings have moved from the public sector and owner-occupancy into the investment and commercial real estate sectors, the marketplace has recognized them as a new class of property, with unique financial and investment performance characteristics.

  • Green Building Appraisals
  • Financial Analysis for Green Portfolios
  • Analysis of Upgrades for Existing Buildings (LEED EB)
  • Market Studies
  • Investment Research and Analysis

Waronzof is among a select number of real estate consulting firms that has made a significant commitment to the analysis of green building performance, value and investment return. Our strengths in consulting and complex valuation make us well suited to address the financial analysis challenges that exist for this emerging property class. We have worked with top institutional real estate firms in validating and developing the business case for investment in green buildings, and are collaborating with others to develop underwriting guidelines and appraisal techniques for this specialized property type. Waronzof is closely affiliated with the Green Building Finance Consortium (“GBFC”). The GBFC is a group of leading corporations, real estate companies, and trade groups who have joined together to develop guidelines for the underwriting and valuation of green buildings and sustainable property developments. We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council, and our professional staff includes LEED Accredited Professionals (“LEED AP”).